Terms & Conditions

Eligibility: Only designers who (i) work for a participating, qualified dealer of MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. (“MBCI”) that sells any of the qualifying cabinetry brand (see paragraph 3(d) – below) , (ii) have a MBCI Designer ID, (iii) are at least 18 years of age (19 in AL and NE) and (iv) are legal residents of the 50 United States, D.C. or Canada (except for Quebec) are eligible to register and participate in the MasterRewards program. Void where prohibited.

Registration for the MasterRewards Program: Participants must register online for the MasterRewards program through the MBCI OneTouch website (http://mbci1touch.com) via the OneTouch MasterRewards tab. Participants must already be registered OneTouch users or must create a new registration before being able to register to participate in the MasterRewards program (registration is free). Each designer must consent to these Terms and Conditions and must submit either a W-9 Form (U.S. participants only) or their Social Insurance Number (“SIN”) (Canadian participants only) to MBCI (may be submitted online) to complete his/her registration and participate in the MasterRewards program. A designer may not redeem any program points until his/her W-9 information or SIN, as applicable, has been verified. Designer’s full name as listed on his/her social security card/SIN card must be used in the program. MBCI is collecting your SIN/SSN information for purposes of income reporting only, as is required by applicable law. SIN/SSN information collected under the MasterRewards program will not be used for any other purposes, nor will it be disclosed to third parties other than as required by law.

How to Earn MasterRewards Program Points:

  1. MasterRewards program points (“points”) will be awarded to a participant’s account for each eligible sale of an eligible Cabinet Box (as defined below) during the duration of this program. MBCI may also award points or tokens, which may be redeemed for a chance to play an instant prize game (“tokens”), for special programs, offers or training as MBCI may offer participants from time-totime, and the terms of any such instant prize game will be separately communicated to program participants.
  2. A “Cabinet Box” shall mean any SKU that is 3-dimensional with volume that has space requirements and is not included inside another box. A Cabinet Box does not include parts, trim items, mouldings, accessories, sample fronts, etc.
  3. A sale will be eligible for this program only if the participant adds his/her Designer ID to the order at the time of placement of the order. Only one (1) Designer ID may be put on each order, and only one designer will earn points for any one order. Only sales that participants make themselves are eligible to earn points.
  4. Sales of the following cabinetry brands are eligible for this program, and points will be awarded per Cabinet Box as follows:

    Qualifying Brands & Points
    Brand Points/Cabinet Box*
    Omega Pinnacle 25
    Signature Custom 25
    Omega Bath 25
    Omega Dynasty 20
    Signature 20
    Decora' 20
    Kitchen Craft (Integra Only) 10
    Wood Crest (Integra Only) 10
    Diamond Distinction (all styles not listed below) 15
    Schrock Trademark (all styles not listed below) 15
    Kemper Choice (all styles not listed below) 15
    Homecrest 5
    Diamond Distinction (Geneva, Catalina, Shiloh, Ridgefield, Monterey, Covington, Brighton) 5
    Schrock Trademark (Celeste, Reflection, Morgan, Brookshire, Princeton, Hampshire, Stratford) 5
    Kemper Choice (Novelle, Vaille, Lawton, Manchester, Fairbrook, Danbury, Wakefield) 5

  5. *Point values subject to change. Points, tokens and Designer IDs may not be transferred or assigned (e.g., from one designer to another), except in accordance with paragraph 5, below.
  6. Sales of display cabinets are ineligible for this program and will not earn any points. Participants should not add their Designer ID to such orders.
  7. Any incomplete orders will be considered ineligible and void. All orders are subject to review, audit and further proof of point eligibility, including but not limited to the requirement that MBCI receive payment in full for the otherwise eligible order, prior to awarding any points to a participant. Untimely or otherwise ineligible orders will not be eligible.
  8. Any disputes on any order or the award of any points must be initiated by the participant within ninety (90) days of the qualifying Cabinet Box’s invoice date by contacting his/her MBCI customer service representative.

Requirements to Redeem MasterRewards Program Points: A program participant must be employed by a participating, qualified MBCI dealer to redeem his/her points (or must redeem points before they expire – see paragraph 5, below).

Expiration of MasterRewards Program Points:
  1. If a program participant leaves his/her employment with a participating, qualified MBCI dealer for any reason, his/her accumulated points and tokens will be available for redemption for twelve (12) months from the date of his/her last qualifying order. After this 12 month period, all points and tokens in the designer’s program account shall expire and be forfeited and his/her account shall be cancelled. However, if within this 12 month period, the participant (i) is hired by another participating, qualified MBCI dealer and (ii) contacts mbcimarketing@masterbrandcabinets.com, his/her existing Designer ID may be transferred to the new dealer and accumulated points and tokens may be transferred to his/her new program account.
  2. If a participant does not make a qualifying order under this program for twelve (12) months, all points and tokens in the participant’s MasterRewards account will expire and be forfeited. After this 12 month period, the designer’s program account shall be cancelled (re-registration will be necessary to renew participation in the program).

Redemption of MasterRewards Program Points: Participants must follow the instructions on the MasterRewards program website for information on how to redeem points for awards. The awards available for redemption are subject to change and are as listed on the program website. Merchandise awards will be delivered as specified on the program website.

Token Game: Each token in a participant’s account may be redeemed for a chance to play in an instant prize game, subject to the complete rules and odds as will be separately communicated.

Taxes: All federal, state, provincial/territorial and local taxes for this program are the sole responsibility of the participant, including but not limited to payment of taxes for any awards, including without limitation, merchandise awards and money awards.

Program Administration and Rules Interpretation: MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. is the sole interpreter and reserves the right to modify, change or terminate the program at any time without prior notice to the participants. Visit www.mbci1touch.com for current program terms, including point values. Any falsification of a cabinetry product order form automatically terminates that participant’s registration and results in immediate forfeiture of any points earned to date or under consideration. If, in MBCI’s sole discretion, any of the program’s qualification requirements are not met by a participant or the applicable sale, the registration, points and/or awards will not be permitted or earned or rewarded. ANY ATTEMPT TO MISREPRESENT INFORMATION, SUBMIT FRAUDULENT INFORMATION OR TO DELIBERATELY DAMAGE ANY WEBSITE ASSOCIATED WITH THE PROGRAM OR MBCI OR UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATE OPERATION OF THIS PROMOTIONAL PROGRAM IS A VIOLATION OF CRIMINAL AND CIVIL LAWS AND SHALL RESULT IN ELIMINATION FROM THE MASTERREWARDS PROGRAM AND THE IMMEDIATE DEACTIVATION OF THAT PARTICIPANT’S REGISTRATION AND FORFEITURE OF ANY POINTS OR AWARDS THAT MAY HAVE ALREADY BEEN EARNED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, REDEEMED POINTS OR AWARDS. MBCI FURTHER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SEEK REMEDIES AND DAMAGES TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, INCLUDING CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.

Email Notifications and Updates: Participants of the MasterRewards program are authorizing MBCI to communicate with them via email regarding, but not limited to program updates, promotional opportunities, product information, trend newsletters, surveys, etc.

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